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The RCA connector was developed in the 40's and has been used since as a low cost, simple alternative to the larger 1/4" connector. It's name is derived from the Radio Corporation of America. It was known as a "phono connector" or "cinch connector" but has been replaced simply by the term "RCA plug". Now used in nearly all but the highest-end consumer audio and video products you will find they are commonly used on audio/video devices and are called "A/V plugs or jacks" because of this.

Dual RCA Jacks, PCB Right-Angle Vertical Mount

Dual RCA Jacks PCB Right-Angle Vertical Mount Red and White Inserts Pin Center Spacing: 0.200" X 0.300" Size (not including jacks or pins): 0.590"...

Dual RCA Jacks, PCB Right-Angle Vertical Mount


RCA Plug In-Line with Plastic Handle

Solder and crimp connectors inside with black plastic handle. Solder holes are 0.047" or 3/64" Handle has 3/16" hole for wire. 2 items shown for...

RCA Plug In-Line with Plastic Handle



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