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Varistors are simply Voltage Dependent Resistors. They are semiconductors whose resistance is dependent on an applied voltage. It remains non-conductive while in normal operation but when a surge is detected, depending on the circuits construction, it will shunt the current away from sensitive components. Varistors are perfect for surge protection applications that protect against such things as in-rush surges when powering on equipment or line-voltage surges.

V275K7 Varistor, 275V 28J

V275K7 Varistor, 275V 28J Vrms: 275V Vdc: 350V Pmax: 0.25W Ipeak: 1200A Emax(j): 28J Varistor Voltage: 430V @10% Tolerance Max Clamp Volt: 710V Max...

V275K7 Varistor, 275V 28J


Z7L-270 Metal Oxide Varistor

Z7L-270 Metal Oxide Varistor Zenamic MOV's feature superior surge voltage suppression characteristics and large surge energy absorption. The whole...

Z7L-270 Metal Oxide Varistor



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