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DAC's or Digital to Analog Converters are used to convert digital data, typically binary, into an analog signal such as a current, voltage, or electrical charge. ADC's or Analog to Digital Converters are used to convert analog signals like voltage into a digital number that represents the quantities amplitude. PWM's or Pulse Width Modulators are devices that vary the width of the pulse based on modular signal information. Their main use includes allowing the control of the power supplied to electrical devices. Listed on this page are devices used for control and processing of digital and analog data. They can be used in a wide array of devices to include solid state and computer electronics.

LTC690CN8 MPU Supervisory IC

The LTC690CNS provides complete power supply monitoring and battery control functions for microprocessor reset, battery back-up, CMOS RAM write...

LTC690CN8 MPU Supervisory IC


PWS740-3 Rectifier Bridge

The PWS740-3 high-speed rectifier bridge provides a convenient rectifier for low power transformer output. Supply Voltage: 7V-20V Output Voltage...

PWS740-3 Rectifier Bridge



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